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Collecting antique furniture is considered as one of the most expensive hobbies that people can get into because of the high price tags. Given this, it is then important for antique collectors to take the necessary steps that can help them maintain and protect their investments. Among these steps, some of the most important include knowing how to clean and handle these beautiful but delicate furniture pieces.

Antique Furniture
However, knowing how to properly clean and handle antique furniture is not only limited to gaining information on the steps collectors can take to keep their furniture dirt or scratch free. This is because it also involves understanding the factors that cause damage to the furniture and understanding how they can avoid making their valuable furniture vulnerable to damage.

There are a number of risk factors that can cause damage to these most precious furniture, and collectors need to know about them so they can take the necessary precautions to help them avoid the damage these factors can bring to their collections. One of these includes fluctuations in relative humidity, which means that the furniture is constantly exposed to changes in weather and temperatures.

This can be dangerous for antique furniture because the constant expansion and shrinking of wooden furniture as a result of temperature changes can cause cracking and splitting. To prevent such damage, collectors can use a humidifier or they should try to maintain a constant room temperature where they place their collections.

Another factor is sunlight exposure, which can significantly alter the color of the finish of your highly priced furniture. Collectors can prevent such damage by removing their antique furniture from places where there is direct sunlight or by using UV filters on their windows. Another factor that can cause damage to your precious furniture is insect infestation, which includes termites.

To remedy this problem, collectors need to get outside help, as the only effective solution to this is fumigation. Other factors include the way antiques are handled, the kind of cleaning material and chemical used and on the foreign material that may stain your collectible furniture such as from liquids.

Given that collecting antique furniture can be expensive. Collectors need to take the necessary steps that can help them preserve the value of their collections. However, doing so does not only involve knowing how to clean or remove scratches on the furniture. This is because it also involves knowing and understanding the risk factors that can cause damage to the furniture and also knowing how to prevent exposing their delicate furniture to such risk factors.

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